About Us

About us

Our Story

Growing up in Dorchester, Massachusetts with nine kids in a triple decked house (in Aussie terms, small!), we didn’t have much, but we had each other and that’s what mattered most.

In the toughest of times we always made the best of times. For us, there was no better time than sitting around the table together, sharing good food, a few laughs and lots of love.

At Wahlburgers, our family-owned burger restaurant and sports bar, we hope to share a little bit of those times with you and we hope you create some of your own special memories around our tables. Sure our family had some humble beginnings and some amazing success, but now it’s all about the food. We want our high quality, simple, down home burgers to speak for themselves – that in and of itself makes us one of the best restaurants and sports bars in the world.

To see what we mean, visit one of our stores in Australia and try one of our burgers for yourself.